Lamborghini Urus - Blue - Rental

Lamborghini Urus - Blue - Rental

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Engine: V8 Twin Turbo, 641 Hp, 627 lb.ft of torque


0-60: 3.5 seconds

The private jet set choose this as their SUV of choice! The Urus is the world’s fastest, and most desirable SUVs and it is our best supercar for taking four additional friends.

Prices for Rentals and Security Deposit required are as follows.

Security deposit is mandatory. Drivers must be 21+ with a full G license. Out-of-country licenses are also accepted. Deposits must be given in person either via credit card or cash

  • Daily Rate: $1,399.00

  • Deposit: $10,000.00

Includes 200km/day

Our insurance covers not at-fault accidents. However, all at fault damages are always the driver’s responsibility and their insurance companies (rental endorsement). Insurance will be paid at the same time as the deposit. The rate for the Lamborghini Urus is $199.00 per day.