Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 is a true automobile engineering marvel. To drive a Ferrari is altogether a different high. Now you can choose to drive a beast like the Ferrari F430 on a rental basis, and experience the thrill with Supercar Experiences. The powerful driving dynamics that one gets inside the car makes it a preferred ride for supercar fanatics. Driving a high-end sports car like the F430 is a privilege reserved for a few like the customers of Supercar Experiences. Now, get to accelerate and touch insane speeds with a Ferrari F430. Our qualified instructors help you with your ride in an exotic car. All you need to do is to hold on tight to the steering wheel and zoom off. Now you can taste life in the fast lane.

Prices for Rentals and Security Deposit required are as follows.

Security deposit is mandatory. Drivers must be 21+ with a full G license. Out of country licenses are also accepted. Deposits must be given in person either via credit card or cash

  • Weekday: $999.00
  • Weekend: $1149.00
  • 3 Day weekend: $3199.00
  • Week: $6499.00
  • Deposit: $5000.00


Includes 200km/day



The Ferrari F430, has one a 4308cc petrol engine and is with F1 paddle shifting. The 2 seater sports car comes in a coupe and Spyder (open roof) version for an enhanced supercar driving experience. The four-wheeler is one of the best looking cars in the world, and riding this sports car is a dream come true for many supercar fans. The car is powered by a 4.3-liter V8, with a peak output of 490bhp. It has the capacity to go from 0 to 100 in 3,8 seconds flat. Since its price is high, many people do not get a chance to experience its power and aesthetic appeal while driving. With Supercar Experiences, all this changes for the better. We provide the car for rent and offer custom experiences like test drives, practice laps, track day driving on Canada’s famous racecourses, and assisted tours. The car on our fleet undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure smooth and hassle-free performance when you drive it on the race track or on the road.

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