Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo ​ is undoubtedly one of the most popular supercars of this century due to its design, power, overall performance and the style it comes with. It is also one of the most sold supercars coming from the Italian manufacturers. This should give you an idea about how great this car is to drive. The V-10 engine is perfect for drivers who want to listen to that sound of engine reverberating its sound, which is nothing short of music to his ears. The ​Lamborghini Gallardo pretty much changed the definition of sports cars that could be driven in the streets as well with its powerful engine and a sleek and powerful body design.

Prices for Rentals and Security Deposit required are as follows.

Security deposit is mandatory. Drivers must be 21+ with a full G license. Out of country licenses are also accepted. Deposits must be given in person either via credit card or cash

  • Weekday: $699.00
  • Weekend: $799.00
  • 3 day Weekend: $1999.00
  • Week: $4893.00
  • Deposit: $5000.00


Includes 200km/day



The revolutionary vehicle has some of the best in class features for you to enjoy your ride across all terrains. With the unique 2WD developed ESP (Electronic Stability Program), you get unparalleled stability while driving the Lamborghini Gallardo​. What is unique is the part that it is not the case with most cars of Lamborghini and hence getting a Gallardo will give you better performances. This car is made to create stunning fun-filled driving experiences when you get behind this wheel.

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