Mercedes G-Wagon

Obtain the potent blend of high performance driving with a unique aesthetic appeal on a supercar. At Supercar Experiences, you can drive the Mercedes G Wagon and get a fun and thrilling experience. If you want to experience an adventure along with the comforts of a luxury car, then look no further than this super specialty SUV.

Prices for Rentals and Security Deposit required are as follows.

Security deposit is mandatory. Drivers must be 21+ with a full G license. Out of country licenses are also accepted. Deposits must be given in person either via credit card or cash

  • Weekday/Weekends: $499.00
  • 3 Day Week: $1399.00
  • Week: $2999.00
  • Deposit: $5000.00


Includes 200km/day



With Supercar Experiences, you can take the car for a spin and opt for either test drives, assisted tours, practice laps, or even grace the track on track days at one of the two iconic racecourses in Canada. With graceful driving dynamics and superb engine control, driving this beast of a four-wheeler is a truly exotic experience. But its price makes it out of reach for many people. With Supercar Experiences, you get to experience the pure-octane performance of the supercar. We bring you custom driving experiences like track days’ lap practice and test drives to fulfill your dream of being inside the Mercedes G Wagon.

Features like active lane-keeping assistance, active blind-spot assistance, and a rear-view camera make the G-class one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. You can entirely rely on this SUV for a rental car of the highest luxury calibre. The iconic G- Class is sure to get you noticed, thanks to its strong road presence and towering body stance.

Rely on Supercar Experiences if you want to have a memorable experience inside the Mercedes G Wagon. Take it on the scenic roads in Canada, or take a few laps on an actual racetrack, you have many choices to get the ultimate exotic fast car experience. The 4.0L V8 engine is sure to set pulses racing. Contact us at Supercar Experiences to get your hands on the steering of this supercar.


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