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Do you consider yourself a racing enthusiast? Does the sight of a supercar burning rubber at 200km/h excite you? Then you should try out the practice ride on actual track days at one of the iconic race courses of Canada. You don’t have to own a sports car to be able to drive on these legendary Race Tracks. Leave it to us to help you fulfil this extraordinary automobile experience.

We are the first in our industry to make timed sessions available to our customers. Rather than go out for a number of laps you can do as many laps as you can for 20 min at a time(20 Minute Sessions). This is the best value for Track day Customers. ​ A single 20 minute session for example in a tier 1 vehicle is $499.00​. We estimate that a driver can hit ​ 8-10 laps ​ depending on their experience thus resulting in a theoretical payment of ​ $65.00 ​ per lap. The more sessions you buy in a vehicle the more savings you get. Another example is if someone buys a ​ 7 session package in a tier one vehicle for $2969.00 they are theoretically paying ​ $55.00 ​per lap.


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With Supercar Experiences, you can sit in a sports car and take it to drive to the event. You can ride at the Canadian Tire Motorsport or Grand Bend Motorplex. Tier 1 comes with the Lamborghini Huracan Coupe, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458 Spyder, and Porsche GT3. For Tier 2 you can opt for either the Nissan GTR, Mercedes AMG GTS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 430, or the Audi R8. You make the pick and we will clear the tracks to let you have the time of your life at the race track on track days. This action packed session is the best way to experience the thrill of a Formula One race driver. The sheer variety will help you find the right supercar and get behind its steering wheel to get off the beaten track and witness an amazing experience unfold in front of you. With our supercar on rent option, you can make sure that you get to spend valuable hours on the supercar.

These sessions run for 20 minutes. Go ahead, burn rubber with some laps on racing tracks and feel an unparalleled thrill behind the wheel.

Do make sure to contact us at Supercar Experiences to book your exclusive sports car drive on our track days. Get to pick from more than 10 supercars across two internationally acclaimed racetrack facilities, and put the pedal to the metal with these prestigious supercars.

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1 Session (20 Minute Driving Time), 3 Session (60 Minute Driving Time), 4 Session (80 Minute Driving Time), 7 Session (140 Minute Driving Time)


Tier 1, Tier 2


Grand Bend Motorplex, Canadian Tier Motorsport Park


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