Supercar Experiences

Supercar Experiences

Are you keen to explore the Canadian roads on a supercar? Then visit us at Supercar Experiences. We offer a range of luxury & Exotic car experiences like test drives and practice laps. Strap on the seatbelt and get an experience of a lifetime when you drive high-end supercars like Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini.

Get hold of the steering wheel of any of these top of the line supercars and realize your dream of driving with tread marks that set pulses racing.

Are you interested in spending a few hours soaking in the ambience of a supercar? Then opt for the assisted driving tours offered by us. Race a few laps, test drive an exotic fast car, or set the rubber burning at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park or Grand Bend Raceway on timed sessions – we make it possible for you.

Expertise at the heart of our USP

Our USP is the immense exposure we have in designing tailored automobile experiences for supercar fanatics. When you seek adventure in an exotic luxury car, you may have many queries – where can you get the latest model of a supercar? Can you take the car for a spin on Canada’s picturesque roads? Can you get an assisted tour of supercar? Our team will be happy to answer these queries with our customized experiences and tours that you get in a supercar.

Our team of committed personnel enables you to hop aboard on your choice of high octane supercars and fulfil your dream to ride such exotic cars. With Supercar Experiences, you are sure about riding well-maintained and pristine quality four-wheelers. The Supercars are rightly the thoroughbreds of the automobile industry. The speed, performance, and the sleek look of a mean ride make it costly. Owning a supercar is also a challenge. You may have always dreamt of what it is to enjoy the interiors of a supercar pacing down the racetrack at 200km/h? Why don’t you experience it yourself with Supercar Experiences? Don’t let budget come in the way of a fabulous experience. Connect with us, your preferred auto experiences company, that makes it possible to enjoy test drives, guided tours, and racing laps on actual Motorsport tracks.

Check out the different auto experiences only at Supercar Experiences

Go ahead, call up our team to get answers to any questions you may have. At Supercar Experiences, we will be happy to respond to them. We help you meet your goal to put the pedal to the metal in your favourite supercar at affordable price points. Why simply aspire to sit in a supercar. Call us, and you can actually sit behind the wheel of one of the luxury supercars.

Driving Tours Super Cars

Driving Tours

Driving Tours are by far the best value for our customers. They differ in the amount of vehicles driven and length of the tour itself. This is not an experience that’s meant for speed. This is the best experience to try different cars and twisty roads while enjoying your day and keeping your driver’s license. If people want to go fast, we always suggest they join us on our track days.

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Track Days

Track Days are the most exhilarating and heart pumping experience we offer. Our customers, (under careful eyes of our driving coaches) are able to push these cars to their limits. This is the ultimate driving experience.

Our Track Days are held on the DDT Track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville and Grand Bend Raceway in Grand Bend. Both tracks are very different from one another.

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Track Days
Exotic car test drive Toronto

Test Drives

Test Drives are ​ $159.00 for 20min or ​ $179.00 for 30min ​regardless of vehicle. “people’s dream cars differ from one another”.

Are you looking to experience a thrilling ride inside a supercar? Are you a true speed fanatic who wishes for the excitement of riding in a supercar? Then call us at Supercar Experiences for a test drive in these supercars for 30 minutes max.

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Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to achieve or experience in their lives, and if you’ve always wanted to drive a super car, then here’s your chance to make that dream come true. At Supercar Experiences, we offer the chance to drive your favourite car on a race track so that you can get a taste of the speed and power that it has to offer. Our Tier 1 Lap Package lets you enjoy one full lap under safe conditions for an affordable rate that varies depending on the car you choose.

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