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The Ultimate Tour Day Experience

2022 Tour Days have multiple days throughout the year

Are you keen to explore the Canadian roads in a supercar?

We offer driving tours out of our Oakville headquarters as you get a valuable experience behind the wheel of an exotic car on quieter roadways.

Want to experience a variety of cars on the same drive? We set up stops along the way so you can feel the difference between a Ferrari V8 and a Lamborghini V12 or V10. Life isn’t about what you own; it’s about what you experience.

We take care of the depreciation, gas, maintenance, insurance, and storage of these exotic cars; You experience all the fun and DRIVE!

Supercar Experiences endeavor to provide you with a variety of our supercars, but we can’t guarantee the exact cars we will have available. Don’t worry it will be awesome!

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EPIC TOUR (Half Day)

Our epic tour offers a half day drive in 4-5 different cars through the beautiful and quiet rural landscape of Halton Hills. However, when we arrive it gets a lot less quiet. The rumble of engines from each supercar are sure to catch everyone’s attention and leave them speechless.

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Grand TOUR (full day)

A true supercar enthusiast’s dream. The grand tour offers a full day of supercar driving, in 6-8 cars as we head to Niagara Falls. A professional photographer will be on site to take the best pictures as we pass through Niagara. This only leaves the question of which is louder, the cars or the falls? Only one way to find out!

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