Can you explain more about this experience?

Unleash the raw power and elegance of a supercar in its true habitat with our "Race Exotic Cars" experience. This isn't just about speed; it's about mastering the art of racing. Navigate through challenging chicanes, perfect your racing lines, and feel the adrenaline rush as you hit apexes and accelerate on straightaways, all without any speed limits.

I've never driven a Lamborghini or any other exotic car. What should I anticipate?
The allure of these supercars is undeniably thrilling, yet with our expert racing coaches by your side, any initial apprehension will swiftly transform into sheer excitement. Our detailed debriefing, discovery lap with the RED ROCKET VAN, and immersive class sessions are designed to acquaint you seamlessly with the vehicle's dynamics. With our guidance, you'll discover that piloting these masterpieces feels both familiar and exhilarating.
Where can I experience the "Race Exotic Cars" thrill?

Supercar Experiences offers this unique racing opportunity in various locations, including:

- Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

- South Western Ontario

- Ontario and Quebec

Which tracks do you feature for the racing experience?

We are the only supercar company in Canada that travels coast-to-coast with our two 18-wheeler trailers, allowing us to bring our fleet of elite supercars to various tracks:

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park: Known for its high-speed sections and technical corners.

Calabogie Motorsports Park: Offers a mix of long straights and tight turns.

Grand Bend Motorplex: A versatile track for an unforgettable racing experience.

When are you at the racetrack and can I come during any day of the week?
Our presence at the racetrack is scheduled around specific track days and events, and we are not there every day of the week. For the 2024 season, our racetrack events are booked about 6 months in advance, with set days determined for the entire season. We recommend checking our online calendar or contacting our customer service team to find out about our availability and upcoming track days. This will ensure that you can plan your visit on a day when we are operating at the racetrack, offering you the exhilarating experience you seek.
How do I choose the best location for my racing experience?
Simply pick the location closest to your region. We're constantly expanding our reach, so you can experience the thrill of supercar racing across Canada's finest tracks.
Will I receive guidance during the racing experience?
Absolutely! By your side is a seasoned racing coach, providing invaluable guidance every step of the way. They'll help you harness the full potential of these automotive marvels, ensuring you not only experience their sheer speed but also appreciate the nuances of professional racing.
Do I need to provide a security deposit to race a supercar?
No, there are no security deposits required to participate in our "Race Exotic Cars" experience.
Can I take a supercar alone or with my own passenger on the track?
Due to the high value of our supercars and the safety regulations of the tracks, participants cannot take a supercar alone or with their own passengers. The speeds these supercars can achieve require expert guidance to ensure both the safety of the driver and the vehicle.
Why is a racing coach required to be with me during the experience?
Our racing coaches are trained professionals who are well-versed with the capabilities of our supercars and the intricacies of the tracks. They are there to help you learn, guide you to achieve faster lap times, and ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the vehicle. Their presence is essential to provide you with an authentic, thrilling, and safe racing experience.
Are there speed limits, when driving on the track and how fast can I get?
At Supercar Experiences, we aim to offer an authentic and raw track experience. Unlike some competitors, we don't place blocks on the pedals or set up pylons on the track. That said, while there's technically no speed limiters on the supercars and some of our clients get up to speeds of 220KM/H in our tracks, it's essential to prioritize safety. We encourage drivers to operate within their comfort and skill levels, ensuring they have full control over the vehicle at all times. If you drive in a manner that jeopardizes your safety, our instructor's safety, or that of others on the track, or if you spin or take the car off the track, your experience will be halted immediately. Please note that no refunds will be provided for incomplete laps. We trust our drivers to respect these guidelines, ensuring a thrilling yet safe experience for all.
Will I definitely get to drive the car I've booked?
We deeply value the choices of our clients and make every possible effort to ensure you drive the car you've reserved. However, supercars, like all machinery, may occasionally require unforeseen maintenance or face unexpected issues. Especially, because we factor our track experiences to be authentic and without speed limiters. In such rare instances, especially when specific parts are back-ordered, there might be disruptions. In the event that the car you booked is unavailable, rest assured, we will provide you with a vehicle of equivalent or even higher value. Our commitment is to deliver an exceptional experience, and we believe in maintaining transparency with our esteemed clients.
Are the Supercars are Automatic or Manual?
Embrace the pinnacle of automotive innovation with our fleet. Each of our supercars is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic transmissions, offering the exhilarating option of manual gear shifting via paddle shifters. The traditional manual transmission with foot clutch has become a relic in the world of high-performance vehicles. At Supercar Experiences, we prioritize modernity, efficiency, and unparalleled driving pleasure.
When is the best time to schedule my track experience?
Given the soaring popularity of our Racetrack Days, we strongly advise securing your preferred date, time, and supercar at the earliest opportunity. Our events are in high demand and tend to fill up rapidly. With our presence going viral across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Google, and Facebook, we've witnessed an exponential growth in interest. In fact, we're proud to be the fastest-growing supercar experience company in Canada, and our glowing reviews are a testament to our exceptional service. To ensure you don't miss out on this exhilarating adventure, we highly recommend booking your supercar experience promptly.
What is your refund policy for bookings and certificate purchases?

At Supercar Experiences, we value the commitment our clients make when booking with us. As such, we do not offer refunds on certificate or booking purchases. All sales are final, reflecting our dedication to providing a premium and exclusive experience.

I need to cancel or reschedule my driving experience. What is the procedure?
We recognize the importance of flexibility. If you find yourself needing to cancel or reschedule your driving experience, please be aware that changes must be made less than 14 days prior to your scheduled booking date and will incur a $70 per car re-booking fee. However, we prioritize safety, and in the event of adverse weather conditions leading to a postponement of the event, this fee will be waived.
What is the protocol if I book a date and fail to show up?
We kindly request a minimum of 2 weeks' notice for rescheduling with the 70$ re-booking fee as mentioned above. It's essential to note that while your booking is transferable to another individual without any additional fees. Failing to notify us and not showing up will result in the voiding of your booking. This policy is in place due to the significant costs associated with preparing the supercars and securing the racetrack for your experience.
I'm under 16 and/or don't have a license. Can I still experience the thrill of the track as a passenger?
Absolutely! With our "FORZA FAST LAPS" experience, you can immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of supercars. Whether you're keen to witness the prowess of our professional racing coaches, prefer not to drive, or are under the age of 16 without a license, this experience is tailored for you. Our seasoned instructors will navigate the track, ensuring you feel the full power and thrill of the supercar. Please note, the minimum age requirement for front seat passengers is 7 years old, and a booster seat may be necessary.
What can I expect when I arrive at the track?
Upon arrival, participants will be greeted by our team and undergo a technical briefing to familiarize themselves with the track and safety protocols. This ensures a smooth and exhilarating driving experience.
What are the operating hours of the track, and when should I arrive?
Our racetrack is operational from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend arriving 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. This allows ample time for the de-briefing, classroom session, the discovery lap in the "RED ROCKET", photo opportunities with our lineup of supercars, and to truly immerse yourself in the electrifying ambiance of the track. Prepare for an unforgettable experience!
How much time does it typically take to finish a lap on the track?
The time taken to complete a lap varies based on each driver's skill level and speed. While some drivers cruise at around 130 KM/H, others push the boundaries, reaching speeds of over 220 KM/H. On average, for our starting packages which include 4 laps at 1.5KMS each, drivers typically take between 6 to 8 minutes to complete the circuit. Remember, it's all about finding your rhythm and enjoying the thrill!
How does weather affect the racetrack events?
Our racetrack events are designed to proceed come rain or shine. However, in cases of extreme weather conditions, safety is our utmost priority. If an event needs to be cancelled due to adverse weather, we will send out an email notification by 7AM on the event day. We closely monitor weather conditions, and situations can change. If a cancellation occurs, rest assured, we will seamlessly reschedule your experience to another day at no additional cost. Safety and enjoyment go hand in hand at Supercar Experiences!
Am I allowed to overtake a slower car during the experience?
Absolutely! Our ultimate driver experience is designed to cater to your pace. If you're feeling the need for speed, you're free to pass when it's safe. Conversely, if you prefer to savor the drive at a more leisurely pace, there's no pressure. The option to pass ensures everyone enjoys their experience to the fullest, without feeling rushed or held back. Safety and satisfaction go hand in hand at Supercar Experiences!
Can you provide details on the lengths of the tracks you operate on?

Certainly! Here's a breakdown of the tracks and their configurations:

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville: We utilize the DDT course (Driver Development Track). Each lap on this track covers a distance of 1.5 kilometers, and to experience the full 3-kilometer track configuration, you would complete 2 laps.

Calabogie Motorsports Park, Ottawa Region: This track spans a length of 2.2 kilometers per lap.

Grand Bend Motorplex: The track configuration here is 1.5 kilometers for each lap.

Méchaglisse: This track also offers a 1.5-kilometer configuration per lap.

Each track offers its own unique challenges and thrills, ensuring a memorable experience regardless of your choice!

What attire is recommended for the race experience?
Answer: We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Avoid wearing loose jewelry or accessories.
Can I bring friends and family to watch?
Of course, we encourage it! Bring your loved ones to share the experience. There are designated viewing areas for spectators and you can get super close to the track for those who love to capture snapshots.
Can you tell me more about the video recording "Need for Speed: 4K POV Package"?
Certainly! The "Need for Speed: 4K POV Package" offers a dynamic way to capture and relive your supercar track experience. Leveraging the power of advanced GoPro technology, this package records every pulse-pounding moment of your drive in crystal-clear 4K resolution. From the engine's powerful roar to the exhilarating speed and your reactions, every nuance is captured in detail. The seamless recording process allows you to carry the SD card from one supercar to another, ensuring continuous footage of your entire adventure. Once your session concludes, the SD card is yours to take home, offering you the privilege of reliving your supercar experience whenever you wish. It's more than just a drive; it's a treasured memory captured in high definition!
Can I bring my own camera to record my experience on the track?
We understand the desire to capture every moment of your thrilling experience. However, due to our insurance policy stipulations, we cannot permit personal cameras or video equipment inside our supercars. This policy ensures the safety of both the participants and the vehicles. But worry not! We offer the "Need for Speed: 4K POV Package" which provides an on-board video recording of your entire driving session. This package is available for purchase prior to your drive, ensuring that you don't miss out on preserving those unforgettable moments on the track.
Is wearing a helmet mandatory during the experience?
While helmets are not required for most of our vehicles, there is an exception. If you opt to drive our Ariel Atom race car, a helmet is mandatory for safety reasons. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We will provide you with a complimentary helmet equipped with a built-in communication system, ensuring seamless communication with your coach throughout the experience. Safety and communication are paramount to us!
Are there any weight or height restrictions for participants?
At Supercar Experience, we do not impose specific weight or height restrictions. However, comfort is key! While some of our supercars, like the Lamborghini, might feel a bit more compact, others such as the Ferraris and Porsches offer a roomier interior. If, for any reason, you don't feel comfortable in the car you initially reserved, our accommodating staff will gladly present alternative vehicle options on the spot to ensure your utmost comfort and enjoyment. Your satisfaction is our priority!
Can I make a payment now and schedule my driving experience for a later date?
Absolutely! You have the option to purchase an SCE Gift Card, which remains valid until it's redeemed. This flexibility allows you, or the person you're gifting it to, to choose a convenient date for the driving experience. We offer a variety of gift card packages, or you can opt for a gift card with a specific monetary value. The beauty of our gift cards is their versatility; the values can be applied interchangeably across different experiences or supercars. Once you're ready to book, simply visit our website or give us a call at (702) 405-7223 to secure your spot.


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