Gift an Experience, Not Just a Card!

Gift cards from Supercar Experiences aren't just a monetary value; they're a gateway to unparalleled driving adventures. These cards grant recipients the flexibility to allocate their value across any of our experiences. Whether they're drawn to the adrenaline rush of the racetrack, the scenic allure of supercar tours in Halton Hills, or the distinctive style of RacerHaus, our gift cards ensure every supercar enthusiast finds their perfect match.


Securing the ultimate gift is simple with our user-friendly purchasing process. Whether it's the adrenaline of a racetrack experience or the picturesque allure of a supercar tour, our gift cards are the ticket to an unforgettable adventure. 
Opt for our preselected values or tailor the dollar amount to suit your needs. Upon purchase, an e-gift card will be dispatched to you, ready to be seamlessly forwarded to the fortunate recipient, amplifying their special day with exhilaration! 


To redeem, the recipient can select their desired experience or product from our website, add it to the cart, and then apply the gift card code at checkout to offset the total amount. For instance, a $500 gift card can be used to cover or reduce the cost of any experience or item of that value or less. It's that easy!

What you can use Gift Cards for:

Custom Race Exotic Cars

Gift the thrill of speed with our Race Exotic Cars gift card. Let your loved ones experience the sheer exhilaration of driving supercars without any speed limiters. Whether they're racing on a racetrack, feeling the power of these beasts in their natural habitat, or customizing their own racing experience, this gift card offers the ultimate adrenaline rush. It can be applied to our pre-curated racetrack packages or used to craft a personalized racing adventure.

RacerHaus Products

Elevate the racing experience off the track with our RacerHaus Products gift card. Perfect for the racing aficionado, this card can be redeemed for a range of premium apparel that embodies the spirit of speed. From stylish clothing to private coaching sessions, RacerHaus offers a unique blend of fashion and functionality for every racing enthusiast.

Supercars Tours

Journey through the scenic roads of Halton Hills with our Supercar Tours gift card. Recipients can apply this card towards our iconic Cannonball Run Tour or the Top Gear Tour, where they'll drive 4-6 supercars on a captivating adventure. Along with the drive, they can also avail of our exclusive photo and video packages, capturing every moment of their supercar saga.

Private Drive

For those seeking a more intimate driving experience, our Private Drive Exotics gift card is the perfect choice. Whether it's a 30-minute drive or an hour-long escapade, recipients can immerse themselves in the luxury and power of our supercars. It's not just about the drive; it's about feeling the rumble, the connection, and the sheer joy of sharing this experience with a loved one.


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